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AR15 Performance 6.8 & 6.5 Twist Flash Hider 5/8-24
Our Price: $54.00
Sale Price: $30.00
Savings: $24.00
AR15 Performance 6.8 & 6.5, 2 Port Vortex Comp 5/8-24
Our Price: $69.00
Sale Price: $42.50
Savings: $26.50
A very effective closed end flash hider that will not snag on branches etc. Filmed from 2 ft in the dark side by side with the AAC Blackout and Smith Vortex, along with our "Forked", all of the 4 flash hiders reduced flash to a minimum glow where some devices and target crowned barrels produced a 10" ball of flame. None of the 4 flash hiders increased the noise to the shooter.
This flash does not need to be clocked and does not need a crush washer. If you want to clock the device you will need a crush washer.

For use with 6.8 calibers and smaller -barrels with 5/8-24 thread
2 top ports for a little less noise and muzzle push down. Compensator with full twisted slot flash hider.
Our quietest comp, offers great flash reduction while keeping the muzzle down for a quick follow up shot.
Closed end to keep from snagging on brush.
Our own tests to find the one muzzle device that performs the best and is usable without hearing protection while hunting or on duty led us to the VC which has the most flash reduction while reducing recoil and controlling muzzle jump, and is the best all around choice for use without hearing protection.

This comp does need to be clocked ports up with a crush washer, not included at this time.

Fits 6.8 caliber and smaller with 5/8-24 muzzle threads